Suzhou Shuang Yao New Material Co., Ltd which was founded in 2010 succeed in reforming into a industrial and trading company in 2012. Our company specialized in manufacturing and developing machinery products, we also have a independent R&D team.
Our main business scope are manufacturing and processing aquaculture machines; Selling electric material, hardware products, metal products, electrical machinery, general merchandise, packaging material, non-dangerous chemical products, paper products, office supplies, mould products, electrical lighting, rubber and plastic products; Independently managing and agenting the import& export business of various commodities. Nowadays, the company is witnessing speedy expanding of business, increasing clients all over the world. Therefore, it wins the trust and highly praises from the domestic and foreign customers. It has made a great contribution to Chinese modernization construction, to extensive economic and technical exchanges and cooperation with other countries and regions, to promoting the friendship between people from different countries. Suzhou Shuang Yao New Material Co., Ltd look forward to seeking common development to create a beautiful tomorrow. Welcome all the foreign friends from commercial world to negotiate business with us so as to build a long-term cooperation relation.


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Best Aquaculture Machinery Supplier in China

Suzhou Shuang Yao New Material Co., Ltd is a leading aquaculture machinery suppliers in China. Our core business scope is processing and manufacturing aquaculture machines, selling electric material, metal products, hardware products, general merchandise, electrical machinery, packaging material, paper products, non-dangerous chemical products, office supplies, electrical lighting, mold products, rubber and plastic products. We independently manage the import and export business of various machines. We are based in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.
Suzhou Shuang Yao New Material Co., Limited is supplying a broad range of aquaculture machinery for fish farming. The product includes equipment for both recirculation farms, and conventional flow-through farms and the tool can be used for farming of several different fish species such as Shrimp Auto Feeder, Solar Automatic Fish Feeder, salmon, pike, trout, perch, sea bass, tilapia eel, sea bream, etc.
The product program is prepared based on machine concepts that have been experimented and documented for several years on the fish farms in cooperation with fish farming consultants and fish farmers inside China.
When our clients need farm or solutions for new or existing fish farms, a significant component of our aquaculture machinery concepts can be customized to match the conditions and physical frames on the specific farm.

Aquaculture Machinery Supplier

This makes us extremely flexible in the supply of machinery that matches the demands and requirements of our customers. Thereby we provide the highest possible value of the aquaculture machinery for our customers. Currently, our company's business is expanding each passing day, and clients are contacting us from around the world. With a good reputation, our company has won the trust of clients both in the local market and abroad. It has made plenty of positive contributions to promote mechanized intensive aquaculture, promoting technological and economic exchanges and cooperation with countries around the world.
Although we initially specialized in the manufacturing of fish feeding equipment, (of which we still are among China's largest producers), it has diversified and producers and markets a wide array of equipment that includes a few of the industry’s best water treatment equipment. We offer a range of aquaculture machinery, such as new robust DO501 handheld dissolved oxygen meter, which power up aerators only when required, as well as DO units for fish transport vehicles.
SUZHOU SHUANG YAO brings in 10 years of invaluable experience of, manufacturing aquaculture machinery in various areas of China. We provide benefit to a large number of small and large scale business and people, both economically and socially. The operational and technical competence we possess is the best in the country. Our practically experienced staff makes us one of the largest aquaculture businesses in China.
Suzhou Shuangyao New Material Co., Ltd. is willing to work with you and create a better tomorrow. All the fish shrimp feeders and aquaculture machinery are built in China. We sincerely welcome foreign business customers to discuss business with us, seek common development and establish an excellent, trustworthy relationship.


Suzhou shuangyao New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional company in the production, manufacturing, research and development and design of aquaculture machinery products. Serve our customer better and promote the development of agricultural industry.


At present, our company's business is expanding day by day, and customers are all over the world. With good quality reputation, Our company has won the trust of customers both in domestic and abroad. It has made a lot of positive contributions to promoting mechanized intensive aquaculture, promoting economic and technological exchanges and cooperation with countries around the world.Suzhou shuangyao New Material Co., Ltd. is willing to develop with you and create a better tomorrow. We sincerely welcome foreign business friends to discuss business with us, seek common development and establish a good cooperative relationship