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February 15, 2021
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August 4, 2021
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A fish feeder feeds the fish in the pond or aquarium. The solar automatic fish feeder gives away the right amount of food to your fish at a particular time each day. If you forget to give fish their food, then an automatic fish feeder is lifesaving because it dispenses food automatically.

Fishes might need different quantities of food according to the season. An automatic feeder is programmed accordingly to provide the correct amount of food. This keeps fish healthy throughout the year. It will dispense with a specific amount which will be programmed.

How Does Automatic Fish Feeder Work?

  • It has a different number of chambers that can be pre-filled with food.
  • On a clock mechanism, the feeder will rotate the chambers.
  • When the chambers are rotated, food drops into the aquarium or pond.
  • This allows fish to be fed regularly without overfeeding.

How are Fish Feeders operated?

Fish feeders are operated by both the battery and with electricity.

Battery-operated has no chance of electric shock. Feeder operated by electricity has no chance of dying battery.

Advantages of Automatic Fish Feeder:

  • As an owner, it will relax you knowing that the automatic feeder will feed your fish.
  • An automatic feeder is durable and a shrimp auto feeder is also ideal for shrimps and long-lasting.
  • If you are away from home and it’s time to feed. Fishes will be fed by an automatic feeder.
  • People looking to catch fish from a pond can easily catch the fish by this.
  • There is a wide variety of fish feeders. You can choose the feeder you think is ideal for your pond or aquarium.

Disadvantages of Automatic Fish Feeder:

  • Automatic feeders need to be monitored.
  • They are not perfect devices.
  • If the feeder malfunctions, it will stop providing food or it will dispense excess food.
  • Low-quality feeders allow water to get inside. This will clump the food inside.
  • Low-priced feeders will give mechanical trouble frequently.

Points to Consider Before Buying:


You need to see the size of your pond and purchase accordingly.

Feeding Function:

Automatic feeders operated by solar batteries have an uninterrupted feeding function.

Feeder Option:

Check what option is best suitable according to the position of the pond and fish type.


This is the crucial point, as it will determine the amount of feed that the feeder holds to dispense food for a long time.

Number of Feeders:

Considering the size, you need to know the number of feeders required accordingly.

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