Factors To Consider Before Buying Fish Feeders For Your Pond

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August 4, 2021
solar automatic fish feeder

To feed the food to your fishes, a solar automatic fish feeder must be your choice. It provides food to the fishes automatically. It is recommended to use a fish feeder twice a day. Reduce the time the feeder is operating if the fish isn’t eating all the feed. Consider feeding them a little longer if they finish the feed in a couple of minutes.

With your fish feeder, it is recommended to utilize a solar panel and a rechargeable battery. This will ensure that your feeder runs without interruption. You will need to attach your solar panel to the south side of your feeder after it’s in place. The south side receives the most sunlight, and these solar panels require full sunlight. Solar panels are used for charging a battery, which is used to power the feeder.

Solar automatic fish feeder

Considerations Of Fish Feeder:

The capacity of the Feeder:

There are a variety of fish feeders that vary in size. The sizes start from 5-gallon buckets to 55-gallon barrels. It depends upon how much feed is planned on feeding and how often to fill the feeders. This will determine the size of the feeder you need to get. Also, consider the space where you will place the feeder.

Mounting options:

There are several options for mounting for feeders. The most important thing is to know where to place the feeder before buying one. The three types of feeders are:

  • Free-standing
  • Post-mount
  • Hanging

Free-standing feeders are larger. Post mount feeders size is 4 x 4, and it can hang on the side of your dock. Hanging feeders are small but also have many mounting options. First, decide where you want to place the feeder, then choose the type of feeder you need.

How Many Feeders You May Need:

The number of feeders you may need depends on the size of the ponds and the number of fish there. If your pond is full of fish, you may need according to that. To spread the areas of feeding, it is recommended to place a feeder at each end of the pond.

Fish Feeder Tips:

  • If you are using only one feeder, try to position the feeder that is upwind from the pond. This way, the food of the fish will not get blown back to the shore. Thus, it will spread across the pond until eaten.
  • It is recommended to feed the fishes twice a day, feed the fishes as much food as they can consume in 10 to 15 minutes. Spreading more food that will not get eaten causes bacterial problems in your pond.
  • Most of the feeders have a test button. Whenever you go to the pond, test your feeder and ensure that everything works perfectly.
  • Try to place your feeder close to the pond. This will keep food in the plant and not on the ground.
  • If you are going to put your feeder on the bank, use concrete pavers or something similar to rest the feet on. Your feeder will not sink into the bank.
  • Put your feeder away. Store your feeder in a shed or barn if you don’t feed all year. Remove the electronics and store them inside, then charge your battery and store it only when it is fully charged.

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