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August 18, 2020
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October 29, 2020
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“How to cook Shrimp or the SUPER EASY way to cook raw shrimp in boiling water on the stove”? You get this question a lot from friends, right? It appears that several people stress and struggle about cooking raw shrimp through shrimp auto feeder. They always tell us a horror story about overcooked and rubbery shrimp with hardly any flavor.

Well, we have a solution to your troubles: Introducing the easiest way ever to cook raw shrimp.

This method is a combination of quick cooking and quick chilling (if you are going to eat the shrimp cold like in a shrimp cocktail) to prevent the shrimp from overcooking.

If you normally use frozen shrimp (similar to Trader Joe’s frozen raw shrimp) ensure that you thaw them before you prepare to cook. This is easily done by placing the shrimp in a zip top bag, removing the air, and submerging in a bowl of lukewarm water for about 20 or so minutes. We place a bowl on top of the solar automatic fish feeder to keep them under the water while we are thawing. Check water every five to seven minutes and insert warm water if you deem necessary.

What you need:

1 number of raw shrimp thawed if they are frozen

1 lemon cut in slices

raw shrimp

How to:

  • Fill a 4 quart or larger pan with water and bring to a full rolling boil.
  • Add the lemon slices and the thawed shrimp. Stir a couple of times
  • Turn the stove off, cover the pan and leave to cook for 4-5 minutes. So, if you carry super small shrimp feeder, check after three to four minutes of cooking. If you are carrying quite large shrimp, you need to check them after every 5 minutes. Shrimp are normally cooked when they get a solid “white” right in the center.
  • Drain and the shrimp are ready to eat.

If you are going to serve the shrimp cold, place the hot cooked shrimp or shrimp auto feeder into a bowl of ice water, and stir for a couple of minutes, adding more ice if needed until the shrimp are cold to the touch. Refrigerate until you are ready to use them.


  • Old bay type seasoning
  • Trader Joe’s Taco seasoning
  • Garlic onions
  • Mixture of lemons, limes in water

You can add any of these items to the boiling water or to toss the shrimp in once they are cooked.

Last Word

We hope this blog was an easy way to cook raw shrimp. Now you will be able to cook and add shrimp quickly and easily to many meals. We like to eat shrimp in tacos, with pasta and tossed on a salad.

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Aalia Richard
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