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September 22, 2020
solar automatic fish feeder

The automatic fish feeder is probably one of the useful inventions when we talk about fish care. Shrimp auto feeder is designed to release always the correct amount of food at defined intervals automatically. While feeding a fish needs very little amount of time, it is always better if you are comfortable that your fishes are fed on a schedule especially if you have a plan to go on a vacation. Also, it is not a good idea to throw 2 -3 days’ worth of food in your tank so your fishes can eat the food delicately. It never works in that way. The correct time to sprinkle food is when you actually want your fish to eat.

What’s good about an automatic fish feeder is that it comes with an adjustable device that will enable you to control the amount of food being released. Some equipment can feed up to 8x a day and they come with a stir bar which prevents the food from clumping. You can set it to feed single portions 4 times a day or make it double with 60 seconds interval so that your less aggressive fish can get their servings too. Most aquarium fish are omnivores or herbivores, they are used to eating small portions several times a day instead of having larger portions. Choose something that you can use for pellets, flakes or crumbled food.

shrimp auto feeder

We have the best fish feeders for you

If you want something on the high-end side then you can go ahead and buy solar automatic fish feeder. They are typically equipped with LCD display for ease in reading. I also found one that can feed your fish for up to 4 weeks. This device is equipped with 28 individual cells that will let you mix and match the food. It’s also great for adding medications. It attaches conveniently to your tank’s rim and the vent holes reduce condensation. It comes with a timer which allows you to feed exactly when you want to. Isn’t that amazing?

An automatic fish feeder is actually a great investment and don’t worry because it won’t have to break your bank account. They are pretty affordable for their function and use. Be very careful when you’re looking at buying a $20 automatic feeder because sometimes it will allow moisture to get into the device which will clump the food together instead of keeping it in its original flake or pellet form.

P.S Visit some online forums or blogs to see which brands fish owners actually recommend.

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