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January 23, 2020

Shrimp Auto Feeder


Best Shrimp Auto Feeder Manufacturer

Suzhou Shuang Yao New Material Co., Ltd is a leading shrimp auto feeder on China. Our principal business scope is processing and manufacturing aquaculture machines, selling electric material, metal products, hardware products, general merchandise, electrical machinery, packaging material, paper products, non-dangerous chemical products, office supplies, electrical lighting, mold products, rubber and plastic products. We independently manage the import and export business of various machines. We are based in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Established in 2010, SUZHOU SHUANG YAO has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of Agricultural Machines & Tools in China. The supplier company is one of the leading sellers of listed products.

To cater to our valued clients’ demands, we offer feeders in various functionality and required specifications. With promising conditions, SUZHOU SHUANG YAO has become one of the most notable shrimp auto feeder suppliers. We offer different feeders in China as well as overseas in the sprite of sincerity, accuracy, and challenge.

Automatic systems have brought several revolutions in the technology world. One among evolutional technologies that have more significant developments, in the feeding area, is the feeding systems or shrimp auto feeder.

SUZHOU SHUANG YAO has developed an effective and efficient automatic feeder. The SUZHOU SHUANG YAO’s feeder allows you to feed in high frequency all through the day. As per pre-determined plans, shrimp will receive all day long fresh food along with top nutritional qualities.

Shrimp Auto Feeder Manufacturer in China

SUZHOU SHUANG YAO has a massive duty structure, a unique design, reliable motors and a feeding system that gives high precision. SUZHOU SHUANG YAO is developed with a strong throwing motor that spread the shrimp’s food to a radius distance of up to 15 meters.

The main advantages of our shrimp feeder are:

Intelligent PLC is designed primarily to suit shrimp eating habit. A full battery lasts up to five to seven days: fully plastic housing, excellent mechanical seal, and security against electric shock. Digital display, smooth operation, microcomputer control, and remote control is allowed.

Mechanical blanking is given, which will provide additional durability. The feeder is adopted to prevent the cable from mice biting and stealing the feed as well. Magnetic door switches more easily.

Some more benefits of our auto feeder include: Saving time and energy, saving 20 per cent more fodder, improve water quality, enhancing the output by 30 per cent, shortens the cycle of feeding along with cutting the cost of feeding. Also, it reduces the risk of feeding.

SUZHOU SHUANG YAO brings in 10 years of invaluable experience of, manufacturing shrimp auto feeder, and solar automatic fish feeder in different areas of China. We provide benefit to a large number of small and large scale business and people, both economically and socially. The operational and technical competence we possess is the best in the country. Our practically experienced staff makes us one of the largest aquaculture businesses in China.

If you need a high-class shrimp auto feeder manufacturer in China, then contact us.

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