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Shrimp Auto Feeder
January 23, 2020
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January 23, 2020

Best Solar Automatic Fish Feeder


Best Solar Automatic Fish Feeder

Suzhou Shuang Yao New Material Co., Ltd is among the leading solar automatic fish feeder manufacturers in China. Our principal business scope is processing and manufacturing aquaculture machines, selling electric material, metal products, hardware products, general merchandise, electrical machinery, packaging material, paper products, non-dangerous chemical products, office supplies, electrical lighting, mold products, rubber and plastic products. We independently manage the import and export business of various solar aquatic machines. We are based in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Suzhou Shuang Yao New Material Co., Ltd was established in 2010. SUZHOU SHUANG YAO is an aquaculture equipment manufacturer specialized in different kinds of aerators and fish feeding machines.

Aerators mainly enrich dissolved oxygen for fish, shrimp and so on. They are designed explicitly for aqua animals. A solar automatic fish feeder can dispense feed into fishpond quickly and evenly under centrifugation from the primary motor.

We have worked with satisfied customers globally, including North Korea, Egypt, Indonesia, etc. Hope we could build prosperous future in mutual benefit.

High-Class Solar Automatic Fish Feeder Manufacturers

We have been working to clinch the title of “industry pioneer enterprise”, “National High- tech Enterprise”, “the leading enterprise of the fishery industry”, “feeder standards drafting unit national aquaculture industry”. We have an innovative technology centre, mine support equipment engineering technology research centre.

Feed in the hopper is discharged evenly into the dispensing component by the detaching part when the feeder is functioning. The dispensing element launches the feed into the fish pond quickly and smoothly under centrifugation from the primary motor.

A few characteristics of our solar automatic fish feeder includes:

The amount of feed discharged can be accurately controlled by Tighten Nut and Adjust Handle. Main Motor′s function time can be managed through the Electrical Control Panel for making the feed thrown quantitatively. The machine has ideal behavior and precise adjustment of the amount of feed thrown. The water is plentiful regarding the area of dispensing feed.

Proper use of solar automatic fish feeder, and shrimp auto feeder significantly reduces manufacturing costs and improve shrimp growth rates. The results got to show that automatic feeding helps in enhancement of efficiency and profitability in farmed shrimp production.

SUZHOU SHUANG YAO brings in 10 years of invaluable experience of, manufacturing shrimp auto feeder in different areas of China. We provide benefit to a large number of small and large scale business and people, both economically and socially. The operational and technical competence we possess is the best in the country. Our practically experienced staff makes us one of the largest aquaculture businesses in China.

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